A Tale of Two Tinas (Lotus Cortinas) Part 13

Now the next thing I have to do is shovel, sweep and dispose of 850 pounds of sand! I didn’t want to leave the mess with Greg, so as I made trips from his house to mine, I put 5 gallon buckets of sand in the back of the station wagon and hauled it that way. Since we do so much recycling at our house, we have a couple extra garbage cans that we don’t use anymore so they got filled up with sand. Now my wife has enough sand for her garden, the neighbors garden and every other garden on the block. Actually the Wisniewski alley always has a lot of sand Iaying about from people sandblasting and not cleaning it all up. (Sorry Greg, we do try to clean it up!) Greg’s Mother in law was pulling weeds around the back of Greg’s garage one day and she remarked “You know, I’ve lived in Des Plaines for 50 years, and I’ve done gardening in many yards, just and I can’t understand why your soil has so much sand!”

The next step was to clean the sand out of the car. First thing was to use the trusty shop vac with the brush attachment and suck down the entire car. Then I used the compressor to blow out the stuff stuck in the nooks and crannies. Then once again vacuum all over with the shop vac. Then I wiped down the whole car with mineral spirits. Don’t use rags like I did, they fall apart and leave lint everywhere! Use paper towels. You can blow off the pieces of paper after your paper towel disintegrate. The total sand clean up took five hours.

I jacked up the car 3 milk crates high (thanks J.Z.) so I could spray the underside. I used Rustoleum Rusty Metal primer, just to make absolutely sure that the rust was stopped. No big deal here. Mix it up real good, run it through a paint strainer (you wouldn’t believe the lumps that come out) put it in the gun and spray it. Use a mask of course. This paint isn’t bad, so a simple doctors type paper mask is OK. Some paints you really must have one of those professional Darth Vader type masks. Don’t forget to put drop cloths on everything in the garage that you don’t want painted. The lathe, the drill press, your lunch, your beer, other immobile cars, your wife, etc.

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