Matt’s Models – April 2004

This month focuses on the Lotus in plastic model form. Tamiya has kept the Lotus name alive in this form for quite some time, with various models still in production. Anyone familiar with Tamiya models will know the detail that they put into these models is stunning! While a few of the Lotus models are now obsolete (such as the Camel Lotus and the John Player Special F1 cars), there are other that are still relatively easy to come by.

The Lotus Europa Special is one that seems to be the easiest to find. In fact, this 1/24th scale model is stocked at our local Hobby Lobby. Best bet is to wait until they have a ½ off plastic model sale, which they have from time to time. Next up is the Lotus 107B F1 car. This 1/20th model has exceptional detail, and might be in your local hobby shop… if not it is readily available on-line. In addition, the Lotus Super Seven Series 2 in 1/24th scale is also readily available on line as well! I hope to submit pictures of these models in their completed form, in my spare time (don’t hold your breath!).

However, there are two models that have been completed (before the birth of my daughter… when I had a steady hand), and are a hit more scare, but available in the Lotus world. First up is the Lotus 99T F1 car by Heller. This 1/43rd scale model includes decals to make it either a Senna or Nakajima driver, and is a nice model overall… not a whole lot of detail, but remember it’s a 1/43rd scale.

The next is an Airfix 1/24th scale Lotus Esprit. The detail is OK on this model, although there are no opening parts, and it is dressed in racing livery. As far as I can tell, it appears to be an S1, and the tooling was probably bought from another manufacturer, as there is a panel underneath that looked to hold batteries at one time. The best bet in finding these models would be a search on the internet. Happy hunting!


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