Matt’s Models – July 2004

This month we are going to focus on the distant cousin of the Elise, the Opel Speedster. Currently, there are several toys that have been released of the speedster, both in 1:18 and other scales. This month we will focus on the 1:64 scale (Matchbox or Hotwheels size).

Matchbox released an Opel Speedster in it’s “Hero City” Collection last year. The car itself is grey with a red interior, along with a #6 painted on it as well. This item is #6 in the Hero City collection. It appears to be harder to find, so I would suggest picking one up when you find it!

Next up, is the Opel Speedster by Maisto in the 1/64 scale. This particular model was from the Kids Connection European Speed 5 pack (item # 15279-1601) that also contains a Lamborghini Murcielago. and Porsche..among others. Unfortunately, the only way to get this model, is to buy the whole 5 pack. You can still find these rather easily at the local Wal Mart, as I believe that the Kids Connection brand is a Wal-Mart brand. The Speedster itself is yellow, with a black interior. Happy Hunting!

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