Matt’s Models – June 2006

This month brings a few new goodies to the collector market, along with a surprise from the past!

For those of you who missed out when Hot Wheels released the Lotus Esprit (in all three variations) a few years ago … well, you are in luck! As part of their “Spy Force” series, Hot Wheels included a repaint of the Esprit! It’s number 5 out of 5 in the series, and is painted maroon with yellow graphics, along with an interesting choice of orange for the windows. This series has just started to hit the market, so be on the lookout- that way you don’t have to wait another few years to grab another one! At about a buck … it’s worth it!

A few month’s ago, I told you about ERTL’s new Lotus Esprit in 1/18 scale- well, I am happy to say that I am now also the new owner of ERTL’s 1/18 scale Chrome Lotus Esprit! The Chrome Esprit was a rare “Chase” car, meaning it was only packed one to a case. I would imagine that this would increase the value of it at some point … at least that is how I try and explain the purchase to my wife! Everything else besides the car and gadgets in chrome, is exactly the same as the standard release. Either would be a welcome addition to the lotus collection!

A recent ebay find netted me not one, but two vintage Lotus S1 Esprit’s made by … testors! That’s right, at some point in time, they released these plastic Esprit’s in 1/20 scale. I am not sure as to what other colors were released, as I have yet to find anyone who owns one of these! The detail is very simple- no plastic glass, nor steering wheel, but still a nice bit of history to add to the ever growing collection!

Until next time… .happy hunting!

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