The Silo is Saved!

After decades of neglect and vandalism, and a near date with the wrecking ball, the landmark silo of the old MeadowdaIe Raceway has been saved. Thanks to the efforts of preservationists, racing enthusiasts, and local car clubs (including Lotus Corps), the silo now stands restored and resplendent in its new coat of white paint. Repainted too, are the “Pure Official Gasoline” and “Meadowdale Raceway” designations. Students from Dundee-Crown High School and area grade schools painted a mural on the lower section of the structure, tracing the evolution of the property from the glacial ages to present. Final grading and landscaping is to be completed within the next few weeks. The old track property is now designated Raceway Woods. The silo is accessible from the east entrance, located on the west side of Route 31, about two miles north of Route 72. in Carpentersville. The west entrance is about a mile or so west of Route 31 off of Huntley Road. Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds and enjoy a bit of racing history saved from “progress”. Visit for additional
information about MeadosdaIe Raceway and the silo.

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