Europa del Sol, Part 4

Last month I reported on the roll over frame. Even though it wasn’t next, we shall continue on for continuity sake. When I figure out exactly how; I will place the photo album on the web, but for now know there are some 300 photos taken on this project. Keep a running log if only to remind yourself later what came off of where and how bad did it really start out, or if you desire to compose a missive.

The front portion of the roof removal entails keeping the windscreen frame in tact. A trick I learned was a method of filling in and spacing using nylon rope, other materials will do, because it has some strength forms well and keeps spacing thickness. For the roof portion I wanted to keep, I added three 1/2″ diameter rope sections glued in place to the underside of the existing roof. Once in place two layers of glass fiber mat were added and resin added. The contour line was followed with Saws-all cutting the center segment of the fiberglass roof, t he rope in front and square tubing at rear window. After removing the edges were formed into the body with additional layers of glass and resin.

To add strength to the windscreen frame, the side pillars have a valley on the inside which was an ideal fit for a ½” diameter stainless steel bar placed in a bed of fiberglass and covered over completely filling in the valley, top of windscreen to the area of the door post under the dash. This should provide a stiff form into which the standard or plexiglass windshield can be fixed. (Haven’t decided yet). Of course all of this glass work needs to have a final finish as it will be exposed and match the exterior/interior scheme.

The stock Europa has a black leatherette trim and sun visor mounted off the side of roof panel. These pieces are out of picture now. Left to add a method of attaching a toneau cover roof to the windscreen frame, well in the future, there are three plans for this.

The rear roof section with the 1″ square tubing on underside of roof line needed to be enclosed in glass as well as sides and other exposed steel framework of the roll over bar. This makes the frame an integral part of the body and dresses up the targa section with smooth lines ready for paint.

Europa Del Sol, Part 5

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