Matt’s Models – January 2008

Happy 2008 to all! I hope that Santa was extra special to you this year, and you received all the lotus goodies that you asked for. If not, and you have a few bucks to spare, you can add these new lotus additions to your collection!

For 2008 Matchbox has re-released the Lotus Exige, this time in a unique blue color. (I don’t want to call it robin egg blue..that color reminds me too much of the Ford Fiesta that I drove in college..ugh).

This Lotus is #15 in their sportscar series, and interestingly enough, they also list a “08 Lotus” on the back of the card as well! Not sure if that means perhaps that they might be doing the new Europa S, but I will keep you in the loop on this as I find out more.

Hot Wheels has also re-released another version of their Esprit. This time it’s under the “Team Exotics” label, and is No. 1 of 4 cars. The Esprit is painted in a Chrome Orange hue, with a grey interior … a rather nice color combination.

Last but not least, Matchbox has also released a 10 pack of cars, which includes another Lotus Exige variation in the package …. sadly, it’s the only way to get the model. This model is painted black and has green racing stripes down the center of the car.

Happy Hunting!

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