Matt’s Models – June 2008

This month we focus on a few new releases from Spark model company. If you recall from previous newsletters, Spark produces a wide variety of 1/43 scale handbuilt resin models. They carry a very nice assortment of Lotus models, almost all of which have not been released before by any other manufacturer. While resin is not as sturdy as diecast. Spark puts each model on a wooden base, and then protects it with a heavy acrylic fear not!

For those that have not purchased these models yet. I have two words for you… why not? You won’t be disappointed in the detail, it’s incredible! The only downside is that since these are handbuilt models, they are produced in limited quantities…hence another reason to pick up those models that you have an interest in!

First up is the Lotus Sport Elise from 1999. This model is painted in a fantastic metallic green… my picture doesn’t do it justice, and includes some very nice detail including a few photoetched parts such as the windshield wiper, tow hook, and mesh screens for the front radiator grill and rear exhaust outlets!

Next we hake Spark model’s Lotus Sport Exige from 2005. Again, there is some incredible detail, with very sharp decal graphics, photo-etched parts, including the radiator grills (a rather unique three vent system), engine bay cover, and a flaw less paintjob. For those of you who have done plastic models in the past. I am sure that your finished product looked nowhere near as good as these!

Along the same lines, here is Spark model’s Lotus Exige GT3 Concept from 2007. This was the Lotus that was shown at the 2007 Geneva auto show. This model is painted in the incredible Chrome Orange color that looks great! Details abound again on this one, with many photoetched parts including the front radiator grills, and windscreen viper, among other bits.

Finally, to round it off this month, here is the Lotus Circuit Car prototype. This prototype was built on the Elise chassis, and would eventually be called the Lotus 2 Eleven (of which Spark produces two different versions of this!). This model features flawless silver paint, with such details as photo-etched grills for the engine hay and radiator outlets!

Now then, where to purchase these? Well, we are in luck, as Jim Cowen at Diecasm ( carries all of these spark models … and many more! Here is the details on Jim’s company: “Diecasm is the art of bringing seemingly unrelated individuals, groups, corporations and organisations together for a common good. This is why Diecasm exists!”

First. Diecasm brings collectors and enthusiasts of replica model vehicles together with non-profit organizations. Purchases result in a donation to your selected non-profit organization. Collectors’ own enjoyment with their replica models comes with knowing that their chosen non-profit organization received a donation, thereby enabling the organization to build upon its work, continuing its mission.

The nice thing is that you are supporting your Lotus “three model a day” habit, and supporting a non profit organization at the same time. Since Lotus Corps is one of those non profits listed, each model you purchase from Jim also supports our group! The phone number for Jim at Diecasm is 1-877-DIECASM (1-877-343-2276). Please tell Jim that I sent you!

Until next month…happy hunting!

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