Matt’s Models – September 2008

This month we continue where we left off, with another round of those fantastic 1/43 hand built resin cars from Spark. As I stated last month. Spark has really gone out of the norm to produce some stunning lotus models in subject matters that have not been produced in completed form. In the old days, if you wanted a Lotus 19, for example, you had to hope that someone would produce a white metal kit of that subject matter. Being a kit, you would have to assemble it yourself, hope you did a decent job (if you ever have done a white metal kit model, you will understand…just think two words.., super glue!), and a halfway decent paint job to make it look “presentable”.

Spark has not only produced a Lotus 19 in complete, ready to display form, but three different versions for you to choose!

First up is the Lotus 19 number 7, as driven by Stirling Moss. Stirling placed first at Laguna Seca in 1961, and Spark has again gone out of their way to produce a very detailed model. Note the extra details on this car, including the passenger tonneau cover!

Next up, we have the Lotus 19. number 96, as driven by Dan Gurney. Dan was the winner of Daytona in 1962 with this car. Again, note the great detail, including the headlamp guards, roll cage. and proper “wobbly web” wheels!

Finally in the Lotus 19 range, we have the number 6 car, driven by Innes Ireland, as it raced (and placed first) in Nassau in 1962. Spark has done a great job with flawless silver paint, authentic decals, and intricate spoked wheels on this model. Note the covered headlamps on this one! Each model comes with it’s own wooden base and acrylic cover to protect your investment. (I say investment, because on these models, if you snooze, you loose! They are produced in very small numbers … ).

In case you crave other lotus fl models from bygone eras, Spark has also produced a very nice Lotus 23B to consider. This model is the 23B from Laguna Seca, driven by none other than Graham Hill. Again, the detail is incredible, and top notch (again, you have to remember these are hand built models.., nothing mass produced here!). You really need to see these models up close to appreciate the detail.

All the above models can be purchased through, and a portion of the sale helps to fund our Lotus club! Until next month. Happy Hunting!

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