Matt’s Models – February 2010

This month, we look at another release from Brumm. This Italian die cast manufacturer is known for it’s wide array of models in 1/43 scale. While prominently focusing on the Italian brands, they have released Lotus 25 models from time to time. This time around, they commemorate the 40th anniversary of Jim Clark’s death (1968-2008) with this little gem.

This is a limited edition of only 1,000 models, and is from the 1964 British Grand Prix… of which Jim Clark won. It is mounted on a nice display base, and includes an acrylic cover as well. I have several versions of the Lotus 25 that Brumm has released, and it’s a very nice model for the price. The limited number being released also might make you pick one up. Again, Jim at Diecasm can fix you up with one.

The Evora continues to show up in the toy aisles… in all it’s variations. This time around, Matchbox has released (or rereleased) it as part of their “Best of British” series. The car comes in a unique package, and an even more, um, “unique” color. Probably the best way to describe it, is a pea soup green.

This one is rather hard to track down. Extra special thanks go to Robert Greener, another Lotusphile like myself, for scoring this one for me! Next month we’ll look at the Lotus 99T….

Happy Hunting!

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