Matt’s Models – December 2010

This month, we look at a few stunning new releases from Spark (you know by now… handbuilt, low volume, get them while you can), that just happen to be the right size to fit in a stocking. Be sure to print this out, or casually E-mail to your spouse or significant

Through the years, if one wanted to add, oh, let’s say a Lotus 77 to their model stable, they would have had few choices. The first would be to buy a scalectric version (not terribly detailed, and included all the “under bits” to make it go round a track), or buy a white metal kit that you put together by a company called SMTS (Scale Model Technical Services). A metal kit, and superglue is never a winning combination, and that’s why my kit still sits languishing in it’s original box. Perhaps Spark heard the cries (since we couldn’t clap our hands… they were superglued together!) of model collectors everywhere, as they have just released this stunning model in all it’s 1/43 glorious detail:

This model is from the Reve Collection, and has something to do with MiniMax, which in turn, has something do with Spark models. None the less, it’s a gorgeous one to add to your collection. This particular model is Mario’s winning car from the 1976 Japanese Grand Prix, which was the team’s first victory since Monaco in 1974. You lotus buffs will no doubt remember the less than stellar results of the Lotus 76, and the 77 was a stepping stone toward the ground effects 78. Intricate details abound. I particularly like the metal uprights
for the rear wing, and the TINY John Player Special decals that are included. First class all the way! ! Here’s another view to drool over…..

Next up is the Lotus 47 (the racing Europa) test bed model from 1967. Again, it’s in 1/43rd scale, and nifty details abound. On this particular model there is a photo-etched windscreen wiper, tri eared knock offs, and twin snorkels!! It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the windows are slightly opened out at the back, as would be needed for proper ventilation on this car!!

The Elan 26R was the competition version of the Elan, and this particular model represents the only 26R ever to compete at LeMans in 1964. The blue and yellow paint scheme was done by the French Lotus importer Royal Elysees. The drivers were Pierre Gelee and Rene Richard, but sadly the car retired with an overheating engine in it’s 3rd hour.

Notice the detail, from the plexiglass headlamps (which replaced the pop ups on the Elan), to the window pulls on each side, along with photoetch door pulls, and trunk hinges. Just a beautiful car! Here’s a shot (R) from the top down. You can’t get much more detail than this.., and it’s hand built! Finally, here’s the regular Lotus 26 S1 (L) from 1962 to round out the month:

Again, details abound. I chose to photograph it at this angle, so you could see the detail on the dashboard. There are photo-etched wipers, door pulls, trunk hinges, fuel filler caps, and various lettering on the car! I would suggest contacting Jim Cowen at diecasm ( if you want any of the above models listed, as I understand that many of these are sold out elsewhere. As it seems with any of the Spark models, you can buy them now, or pay clearly later on Ebay!

I hope at least one of these models finds a home in your stocking this Holiday!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting!!

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