DVD Loaners

The DVD Lending Library is provided free of charge to members of the Lotus Corps. We have an excellent selection of movies, documentaries, and factory tours. Many of these videos are very rare and are really a treat to watch. At Lotus Corps club meetings, you can pick out one selection to borrow for the month. Please bring the DVD to the following club meeting so other members can also enjoy it. If you fail to bring the DVD back, we will send thugs after you … this is Chicago after all.

Lotus Related:

  • The Lotus Story Volume 1-1948-1959
  • The Lotus Story Volume 2-1959-1962
  • The Lotus Story Volume 3-1963-1968
  • The Lotus Story Volume 4-1968 Onwards
  • Lotus Elise-The Inside Story
  • Lotus Esprit-Celebration of a Supercar
  • Great Cars-Lotus
  • Caterham 7- The Making of a Legend
  • Nine Days in Summer
  • If You’re not Winning, You’re not Trying
  • Magic of Mario-1978 World Championship
  • First Time Out-1967 Dutch Grand Prix
  • Champions-Profile of a Legend-Jim Clark
  • Racing Through Time-Lotus and Alfa Romeo
  • Club Lotus-50 Years in the Fast Lane
  • Grand Prix of Austria-1972
  • 50 Years of Onboard Formula One
  • Grand Prix- The Golden Years
  • Formula One-Legends
  • Golden Lotus- The First 50 Years
  • Carl Grabowski Driver Education Day 2005
  • How It’s Made Lotus Evora

Lotus Factory Releases:

  • 1991 Lotus Elan- Experience the Ten Minute Moment of Truth
  • 1991 Lotus Esprit Test Drive
  • Are You A Lotus Driver? (Elise)
  • Lotus Factory Videos 2005-2007

General Interest:

  • Drive to Win- Mario Andretti and Gilbert Pednault
  • Russ Swift: On Two Wheels
  • The Audi Quattro Experience (Pikes Peak, WRC, and Trans Am)

Movies about Racing and Cars:

  • The Italian Job (1969 version)
  • LeMans (Steve McQueen)
  • The Speed Merchants
  • Landspeed (Billy Zane)
  • The Quick and the Dead
  • Grand Prix (movie plus 2 special features discs, re-edited onto 2 DVD’s)
  • Superspeedway
  • The 24 Hour War
  • Rush
  • The Grand Tour – Season 1